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Home Recording. First steps, first decission. The BR-600

As I had promised we start with a couple of articles about the musical production at home.

First. There are two main roads, and our first decision will be what to take.
Basically our decision will be based on whether we use the computer as a primary tool or not.
If we decide on the computer going to have a work environment in which our instrument is connected directly to the computer sound card and all processing is performed on it (effects, recording, mixing, etc). In this environment we can also count on our arsenal sound (pedals, amps, etc) and "put them" to the computer via a attenuator (sound cards are not ready for the level output of the amps and picked up at your all the effects achieved with our pedals).
The other way is to choose one of the mini-study in the market. This allows us to maintain our current gear and do all the work of mixing, etc in these devices. As an example the series of mini-BOSS BR recorders.
We opted for the BR-600 and these articles do not we focus on this option. We explain why.

In my case the decision was easy. I don't like to compose at the computer and the BR option also allowed me to take everything, all in one device that does not take anything anywhere. By way of introduction, I discussed the BR-600 and a digital multitrack incorporates an effects processor derived from BOSS's COSM series, a drum sequencer and a simulator / bass effect.
For now we will not extend more. In the next article we will give a more detailed description of the BR-600 and continue with the editing software we use as an aid to finish our work.

Best regards and until next time.

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