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BR-600. Improving our presets

Between our posts about the recording, we have decided to add some advices for improve the presets present on this unit.
It's fairly clear that if we like to get a great and personal sound we always will need a good amp and a good selection of stomp-boxes, or an multi-efects unit. But, if we are in the  needed to use only our BR, changing some parameters we can get goot sounds.

First at all, we have to take in account that the final sound will be influenced by our guitar. So, we have to read these notes as a base for your final settings.

Unfortunately, except for the Micro-BR, we don't have an utility that give us the option to import/export the presets, so I'll explain parameter-by-parameter.

We're going to start with these posts with a preset for the heavy metal finas. This sound is very compact, bright, but without shrillness. On my opinion it's very suitable for glam sounds as the 70' american bands. Great for melodic guitars.

Go for it:

(From any preset  COSM GTR AMP)
                Sustain:               20
                Attack:                15
                Level:                   70
We reduce a little bit the Sustain and fix and rapid attack for the melodic guitars.
                Type:                    Metal D            :-))
                Volume:              100
                Bass:                     70
                Middle:                25
                Treble:                 45
                Presence:           40
                Master:                80
                Gain:                     LOW      (With a HIGH gain the sound is less compact)
We have to put our attention on the EQ depending of our pickups. We give a little of bright giving more presence to Middle and Treble, but doing it very careful.
 SP (Speaker SIM), EQ/WAH
                You can leave as default.
                We have to choice a speaker type: METAL
NS (Noise Supressor)
                Threshold:         50
                Release:              58
Other very important parameter for any sound. In our case, we'll apply a medium compression
                Type:                    TAP
                Time:                    76 ms
                Feedback            0
                Eq. Level:           60
With this short Dealy we give more presence to our sound. 

I guess you will test and enjoy it.

In the next one we will work over a BASS Sim, as you know are pretty hard to play with this unit.

Regards and see you soon.

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